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As well as working with big and medium sized business we love to work with the one man bands and people out there doing it on their own. Paul Normansell is one such person. When he came to Six Design he was a young artist who had no brand and no personality within the industry. He wanted to change that. As an artist Paul understands the necessity of getting your aesthetics right both in terms of recognition and to portray your values and identity. This shared appreciation we had with Paul helped drive this project forward.


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One of the key aspects of Paul’s work was the unique nature of his style. He had developed his own inimitable technique for creating his artwork. He would paint onto aluminium sheets by using dots of paint to build up an image. This look is very much what Paul is about. It is something he began doing whilst in school. By his own admission he would ignore classes and just doodle using dots and circles. This style of painting is part of who Paul is. When we heard this we knew it was this unique element that needed to be reflected within the brand and logo.

Now trying to build a brand and logo for an artist is a very challenging endeavour. This client has an extra level of understanding to the importance of image, colour and shape. Although it was a big challenge we forged ahead with great gusto and enthusiasm. We knew that it was absolutely imperative that we reflected Paul’s work. The logo had to portray the same look, values and passion that his artwork, that he had spent his entire life working on does. It was with this in mind that we knew simplicity was key. We therefore kept it a very pure motif that mimicked his own signature style. This is a logo that we are super proud of and Paul himself loved it.

To compliment the design we created a documentary style video that allowed Paul to communicate his style and influences. This allowed him to express what it was that informed the new aesthetic of the branding and help people connect with him as an artist.

This experience from start to finish was a thrill. We managed to help Paul build a brand that he himself was deeply proud of. Something he felt reflected everything he was as an artist. Since working together we are proud to say that Paul’s career has absolutely skyrocketed. He has (now bear with us because this is a long list) worked with David Bailey, had exhibitions all over the UK, in Japan, the United States and Australia, has worked with Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn and had paintings commissioned by The Killers. If that wasn’t enough he has also appeared in GQ, Q magazine, NME, The Independent, Lusso and the Guardian. Basically the boy did good. Very good.

Paul came to Six with a comprehensive understanding of the importance of a brand and the power it can have to convey your personality, style and values. We helped him build something he was proud of that he used to forge a path for himself in his industry.

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