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When Neil Earnshaw approached us to create a new brand, website and online marketing for his new company NE Consult, we were thrilled that he chose to return and work with SIX Design. Having previously worked with Neil on the branding and website of another of his companies; Constructing Solutions back in 2009, we were well experienced in what would be required.


NE Consult emailer mockup

NE Consult business card and letterheadThis new engineering consultancy, based in Halifax boasts many big names on it’s roster of clients and so demanded a strong, unmistakable visual image to represent it.

Although we were technically beginning with a blank canvas, there was a request from the client that we maintain the fingerprint of his previous identity. By retaining a blue colour palette for the NE Consult brand we could subtly hint at the previous identity. There was also a clear decision on both sides that the new logo design and branding should be future-facing and communicate clearly to it’s audience the leading edge thinking and contributions made by NE consult to the industry.

Neil instantly signed up to the solid but approachable lettering style chosen by SIX. The strapline of “built solutions” was agreed as the perfect representation of the NE Consult service. As a design team we all felt that the brand required an ownable graphic element. By experimenting with a number of ideas we settled on the repeating urban skyline pattern. The keyline repeating acting as a brand stamp, tying up all brand communication by NE Consult in the future.

The website for NE Consult was designed to be a platform from which Neil’s expertise could be showcased. Having spoken at the institute of engineering and other high profile events, that knowledge was the most powerful information to communicate. We made sure the site gave NE Consult the opportunity to talk about their achievements and expertise in a clear and concise environment, not complicating the message with unnecessary design elements. SIX also work with NE Consult to keep the website content up to date, relevant and informative and formatted correctly for Google.

SIX Design also helped NE Consult with the launch of it’s new brand and website. Using an email campaign to new and existing clients we announced the change, reminding them of the expertise within the company and inviting them to visit the new website

Neil at NE Consult is delighted with the results and we look forward to working with them going forward.

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