Money and Your Mind


Are you where you want to be financially?

Money and Your Mind was a collaboration between Alan Lazenby (of Lazenby’s Financial Services) and Adrian Taffinder (Of The Subconscious Surgeon). Working together they hosted a number of seminars focusing on where people stop themselves from making more money, and what they can do to change that.

We were approached to make a modern and meaningful brand with no linkages to ‘spirituality’ or anything of the sort (as they are talking science not superstition).

We first created the brand and identity for Money and Your Mind, before following up with a clean and effective website detailing all the information visitors could want. We opted for a single-page design with anchor links to useful content throughout, and linked this together with an ‘Eventbrite’ campaign to monitor sign-ups, as well as some email marketing to drive more views to the site and registration forms.

The result was some great seminars covering a variety of topics to help people unlock their financial potential.

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