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Jules Gozo Holidays are a travel agency based in York who specialise in renting out luxury, private villa’s on the beautiful island of Gozo (just off the island of Malta). Jules Gozo Holidays has evolved to become a specialist and trusted source of Gozo holiday cottages, villas and farmhouses. They will go out of their way to give you an experience you’ll never forget and to help you create happy memories.


Gozo is one of Europe’s last great secrets. It’s an island that is truly unique, with its own character and charm. It’s only 3 miles from Malta, but you could be a world away. It’s an island where the landscape, tradition, myth and the gentle pace of daily life combine to create a unique feeling of community.

This client approached us as they required some new branding for their website, brochures, stationery and other printed marketing materials. They wanted a brand new image which was fresh and current, which made them stand out from the crowd and which incorporated the feel of the beautiful island of Gozo (a quaint fishing village surrounded by sea).

We researched the island in great detail and discovered the beautiful salt pans on the island’s north coast which are a chequerboard of rock-cut saltpans protruding into the sea. These 350-year-old salt pans, which stretch about 3km along the coast, are more than just scenic. They are part of the centuries-old Gozitan tradition of Sea-Salt production that has been passed down within certain families for many generations.

We decided to incorporate this into the new logo and chose a range of blue and turquoise colours to complement the image and bring the colours of the ocean into their new branding – well the island is surrounded by water after all! We also incorporated the symbol of the Maltese cross into the logo which we felt gave the brand an authentic and quaint feel.

“Having decided to opt for a totally new website, I was recommended to speak to Simon of Six Design regarding our brand. Happy with our existing brand, there was no loss in having the initial chat, so I did. Simon’s questions embraced the future aspirations and desired perceptions of the business on both a conceptual and strategic level. Thought- provoking. I handed him the job and challenged him to convince me to change. I was changed with the first daft! Thoroughly researched and considered, the brand is a total departure from it’s predecessor. The colour palate and logo are vibrant and reflective of the island of Gozo. A holistic blend, the brand is dynamic, and engaging. It integrates and reflects our core proposition, is aspirational and future proof. Simon is easy and pleasant to work with. Overall, a 5 star job with a lot of room to build the brand together in future.”

Julia Crosthwaite, Owner & Director at Jules Gozo Holidays

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