Gabe Leonard

Gabe Leonard is an artist from Los Angeles with a quickly growing reputation. Recognised for his rich, dynamic, storytelling artwork which has seen him reach worldwide recognition and acclaim.



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We have been working with Gabe Leonard for four years and branded him as the ‘Cinematic Artist’. This is down to the subject matter he chooses, and the movement and perspective that he injects into his pieces.

It is always important when working with an artist, to follow their established themes and messages. Working with Gabe is always a pleasure thanks to the varied design ideas that can stem from his work. With Desperados, we settled on a rough – cut throat design. With Luck – a recognisable Vegas-esque design. This perfect pairing of artwork, theme and design have led to great success for each collection, and all are easily recognisable not just by the artwork, but by each collection’s branding.

His work has matured considerably recently, and that is reflected in the titles of his latest collections such as ‘Power Love and Success’ and ‘Noir’. The branding we have developed to accompany those collections reflect this more mature state, and we have worked with Gabe on the promotion of his art shows around the US, particularly in Texas and Florida, using a combination of social media marketing and web design. His career has gone from strength to strength from a combination of his more mature style, sell-our shows and the effective branding produced by SIX.

Gabe has been a pleasure to work for and has always had good things to say about SIX. We are eagerly awaiting his next creative masterpiece.

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