Gabe Leonard Website Recreation


A website is only as good as it’s weakest link…


We have worked with Gabe Leonard on a number of projects; from branding and design services to promotion of his events in America.

Gabe approached us to discuss the mobile-friendliness of his website, as it was not responsive or mobile friendly, which can harm a site’s ranking on Google and turn off potential viewers.

After some discussion, it was decided that rather than retrofitting a mobile version of the site or attempting to make the old site responsive, starting from the ground up with a complete recreation of the existing site with responsive built-in would be the best option to go down.

After carefully matching the designs of the previous website and making subtle changes to be up to modern standards, the website was recreated and we then set to optimising the site to be viewed on a variety of devices.

The result; a faithful recreation of Gabe’s previous site, with mobile-friendly responsiveness built in.

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